The Harp

The history of the harp can be traced back many centuries ago. It has the biggest sound range after the piano. People call it the queen of instruments.
The harp has become the instrument of salons from the 18th century and it has captivated the European salons. It was used as one of the main instruments at elegant soirées.
The harp is mainly a solo instrument that does not require an accompaniment; however, it can be paired well with other instruments. Its unique look and sound provide a pleasant musical atmosphere for family and business events.

The harp as a stress relief

Nowadays, relaxation is a real treasure. Music can help us overcome stress and anxiousness caused by the hardships of everyday life. It also promotes healing after surgeries and serious illnesses. Music can provide comfort when problems arise, can be a partner during lonely periods of life, it makes sadness easier to overcome and helps us share happiness with others.
Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that music has a universal effect. The harp is good for stress relief due to its pleasant and calming sound. According to researchers in the US, the harp has a positive effect on patients after heart surgeries, as it can help balance heart rate, blood pressure and breathing.
I have received a lot of feedback regarding my music. It has positive effects in helping children relax in an unknown environment. Many people also mentioned its beneficial qualities when helping restless infants sleep better at night. For adults, the calming sound of the harp can help overcome general discomfort, depression and exam stress.