About me

I am Emese Bajtala, Harpist.

I started playing the harp when I was 8 years old.
After I obtained my diplomas, I worked in the most prestigious orchestras in Hungary.
I performed at various solo and chamber concerts. In 2002 and autumn 2008 I performed at the 4th and 10th International Harp Festival in Gödöllő.
My repertoire has significantly expanded over the years, besides classical music I also play Irish, Tyrolean and Latin music; I am also familiar with musicals, chansons, movie soundtracks and pop music. I have a remarkable repertoire of jazz and American music from the 50s as well.
I perform a lot at family events, weddings, receptions and exhibition openings. I believe that due to the harp’s calming and elegant sound, this instrument is very versatile; making it suitable for family and business events, not just concerts.
I consider wedding ceremonies as small concerts where the bride and groom can choose the songs they want to be played. At events I can play 3-4 hours without breaks. When I decide on the music selection, I always take into account the requests of the client and also the composition of the audience. I always choose music pieces that are suitable for the occasion and can be enjoyed by anyone.
My CDs all have their own mood, they are about peaceful moments and love, and they are meant to provide relaxation and high quality leisure time.